Pro Base World Tour Series

HOTROD was brought in to be part of the filming team for a five part documentary series following the proBASE world tour.

The top BASE jumpers and wingsuit pilots in the world battled it out head-to-head in an attempt to be crowned the proBASE champion.

The contest took place in many stunning locations including Turkey, Norway and Switzerland. Below are several short promos for the

different episodes. The full hour-long episodes will be aired internationally in 2015 in a documentary series entitled 'Birdmen Racing.'

Epic TV Series - Back To BASEics

HOTROD produced and directed a six-part short documentary series for Epic TV. It showcased Jamie Flynn, a British BASE jumper, as he

recovered from a horrific BASE jumping accident. The series documents the accident itself, the road to recovery and his fight to re-enter the sport.

Click on the image to view each episode

African Fusion

HOTROD was part of the filming team for a climbing documentary based in southern Africa featuring Alex Honnold,

one of the worlds best know free soloists. Below is the trailer to the documentary which is due to be released internationally in 2015.